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It's not just good, it's exceptional!

The hair stuff we make at Herb UK (hair colour, curl, care and styling products to be precise) is cruelty-free, vegan friendly, uses no ammonia and is formulated using high-quality certified organic and natural ingredients sourced from ethical suppliers. It’s packaged in 100% recycled waste plastic bottles and cardboard boxes (that are themselves recyclable) and made following the strictest manufacturing standards in the world. 

Creating sustainable hair products isn’t a trend for us, it’s in our bones, it’s our why. It’s what we’ve been doing since we began.

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Organic Colour Systems

Our flagship professional brand is where we first began. 

Organic Colour Systems was co-founded by Stephen Landreth, a hairdresser who was forced to give up the career he loved due to a severe allergy to conventional hair colour. He knew there had to be a better way. And there was. 

Today Organic Colour Systems is the go-to brand for hairdressers who want to go the extra mile. Hairdressers who believe their health and wellbeing, and that of their clients and the planet, is paramount. Alongside breath-taking results of course!

Organic Colour Systems is a full system made up of colour, curl, care and styling products that work together to maintain and even improve the integrity of hair throughout any salon service. 

We’re honoured to work alongside thousands of dedicated hairdressers around the world, striving together to make hairdressing a healthier and more sustainable industry. 


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Tints of Nature

There are those who will always visit a salon for their colouring needs, and there are those who prefer to do it themselves at home. And it was with these DIY hair colourists in mind that we created our premiere take-home colour brand. 

Our award-winning Tints of Nature range is a selection of permanent and semi-permanent colours with accompanying lightener and care products. It’s loved by DIY colourists in over 45 countries around the world and offers salon quality hair in the comfort of your own home. 

And do you want to know something we think is pretty cool about this range? Many hairdressers stock it in their salons because, like us, they believe people who colour their hair at home deserve quality support and product with which to do it.


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Oiamiga 4


Say hello to the newest member of the Herb UK family. 

Oiamiga is designed for the next generation of DIY hair colourist who demands cool but kind products. With inclusive packaging, quality ingredients and 15 fabulous permanent colours in the range, there’s a perfect match for every personality and skin tone.

And best of all, we’ve introduced our new Rapid Activator that can shorten processing times by up to 20 minutes. It’s great for all hair including the stuff on your head (if you’re lucky enough to have some) beards, moustaches and those bits down below too!

Continuing with our commitment to protecting our natural environment Oiamiga is packed with organic and natural ingredients and we plant a tree for every 100 packs sold.

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Specialist Manufacturing Partnerships

Specialist Manufacturing Partnerships

Herb UK is proud to provide specialist formulation development and niche product manufacture and filling for like-minded people. 

If you need our expertise to get your product ideas out of your head and ready for market, we’d love to chat. We're excited to work with other businesses or individuals interested in making products that maintain and evolve our ethical and sustainability standards. 

Fancy a brainstorm with us? Complete the contact us form on our home page.