Forging our own path since 1990

At Herb UK we work relentlessly to do better today than we did yesterday. Better for our planet and everything and everyone living on it. This ethos has been our driving force since we began.

  1. 1992

    First colour company to include certified organic ingredients in colour formulations

  2. 1993

    First colour company to use certified organic ingredients in activators

  3. 1994

    First company to use natural vegetable oil-based colour

  4. 1995

    First colour company to produce ammonium thioglycolate-free permanent wave product using Cysteamine Hydrochloride

  5. 1997

    First hair cosmetic company to bring 100% sulphate/sulfonate/SLE/SLES-free shampoos and conditioners to the market

  6. 1999

    First company to provide ammonia-free lighteners for home use

  7. 2003

    First hair cosmetic company to use PLA corn starch plastic & first DIY home colour to use 100% recycled cardboard packaging

  8. 2006

    First hair care company to sell 100% plastic-free styling products

  9. 2007

    Introduced a bike and walk to work incentive scheme

  10. 2010

    Accredited with Choose Cruelty-free

  11. 2011

    Began supporting the My New Hair Charity

  12. 2012

    First colour company to use 25% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic colour bottles

  13. 2014

    Began supporting Greenpeace

  14. 2015

    First natural colour company to patent ammonia-free natural vegetable oil-based colour & accredited with PETA

  15. 2017

    First patented dry shampoo formulae and began supporting wild plant conservation charity Plantlife

  16. 2018

    Tints of Nature became 100% vegan brand

  17. 2019

    First hair colour company to use 100% PCR plastic bottles and adopted our recue orangutans Bettie and Archie through Orangutan Appeal UK

  18. 2020

    First UK hair colour company to achieve B Corp™ status and moved to 100% print-free sales, marketing and advertising material

  19. 2021

    Joined forces with the Green Salon Collective

  20. 2022

    2022 - Launched Oiamiga - our inclusive, next generation permanent hair dye range

  21. 2022

    And we’re not stopping there. We’ve got many projects ticking away in the background that we’ll add to this list in years to come.