How to use Tints of Nature hair dye

Many people want to have a go at colouring their hair themselves, but it feels a bit scary.
We’re here to show you how easy it actually is. 

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After selecting your favourite Tints of Nature hair dye simply follow these quick steps:

  1. Prepare your hair

Use the preparation shampoo that’s included in the box. Massage gently through the hair from roots to ends, rinse thoroughly and towel dry. 

Hang on a second! Why do I have to do a preparation shampoo? I don’t do that with other hair dyes.  A pre-cleanse is important with Tints of Nature because our colours are so gentle, they won’t cut through build-up sitting on the hair.

We need to get rid of it before we start so we can keep the harsh ingredients out of our formulations but still give you superior results. 

  1. Mix your colour

Pop on the gloves provided in the box, unscrew the lids of both the Colour Gel and Colour Fix bottles and pour the Colour Fix into the Colour Gel. Screw the applicator lid firmly back on and shake well. Unscrew the cap and apply immediately. 



  1. Apply your colour

Apply the colour generously from roots to tips. Massage the colour into your hair to make sure every strand is well covered. Pop on the cap (provided in the box) to cover your hair completely then leave to process for 30 to 40 minutes. Go for 40 minutes if you have stroppy grey hairs. 

  1. Rinse and lock it in

Rinse your hair under warm water until the water runs clear then shampoo with the Hydrate Shampoo (yes, everything you need is in the box). Rinse thoroughly, squeeze excess water from your hair and apply the Hydrate Conditioner. Leave it for five minutes to shut down the outer layers of your hair and lock your new colour in. Then rinse and style as usual. 

If you ever need any help you can contact our (almost) 24-hour customer service team from the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand or email us from anywhere: