Sustainable choices for the planet

Establishing business initiatives that help save the planet is a big deal for Herb UK. It’s been a driving force since we began over three decades ago. So, you’ll understand our pride that in 2019 we became the first colour company in the world to introduce colour bottles made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.   

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And today, it’s not just our colour bottles that are made with this recycled waste. We now house all our care and styling products, across both of our ranges, in 100% PCR plastic bottles.  

So, what's the big deal with PCR plastic? 

PCR plastics are made from already used plastic packaging that’s collected and sorted as part of commercial and residential recycling programs. Things like drink bottles and milk containers, for example. This packaging is then made into pallets which are used to create our bottles.  

Using PCR plastic means we’re helping to prevent plastics already in circulation from going to landfill. It also means we’re massively reducing the amount of virgin materials required across our company. 

100� PCR Plastic

And that’s not all. Not only are our bottles made from 100% recycled waste, but they’re 100% recyclable too. Which is why your good recycling habits matter. 

Your plastic waste not only helps us house our beloved formulations; it helps reduce the production of virgin materials which will ultimately help save our planet for generations to come. 

Every little bit counts. Thanks for helping.