Our Company Values

Nobody’s perfect. And at Herb UK we can miss the mark, for sure. But getting stuff wrong can become a massive positive when we reflect upon and learn from the bits that didn’t go so well.  

As a company we’ve thought about how we want to navigate the good and the bad; what’s important to us, how we want to treat each other, ourselves and the planet, and how we want to approach different situations.

And we came up with four core values to guide us through Herb life:

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We do our best to choose a positive attitude every day, especially when it isn’t the easy thing to do.

  • We believe a positive attitude is always a choice that can be made
  • We communicate positively and encourage colleagues
  • We focus on solutions when faced with challenges
  • We avoid negativity, gossip and hearsay



We respect our colleagues, our customers and the planet.

  • We approach others with dignity and respect
  • We respect confidentiality and differing opinions
  • We foster an environment of trust and we ourselves are trustworthy
  • We respect the rules under which we must operate


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We are brave enough to challenge the status quo and we embrace change.

  • We think innovatively
  • We ask: Why? And we ask: Why not?
  • We take tough decisions where necessary
  • We aim high and are open to change



We take personal responsibility for our actions, our words and our performance.

  • We show leadership through our actions and believe that better starts with me.
  • We actively engage in discussions and follow through on commitments
  • We communicate in an honest and authentic manner
  • We accept responsibility for actions, words and performance.