Super ingredients for fabulous hair

At Herb UK it’s our job to find the best performing organic and natural ingredients to repair and care for your hair. And we punch well above our weight with one in particular: Quinoa.

This powerful South American grain is considered a superfood by many. But it’s not just good for eating. Quinoa is a ‘complete protein’ packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins that not only repair damaged follicles; but protect your colour too.

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Check out some of the incredible hair-benefits of quinoa:

  • Penetrates deeply into the hair shaft offering exceptional repair and protection.

  • Acts as a conditioner with improved wet and dry combing.

  • Protects hair colour from washing out prematurely.

  • Significantly increases shine - and we all love shiny hair!

  • Improves definition and retention of curls.
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Thanks to quinoa we’re able to make some incredible specialist treatments at Herb UK that will take your hair from ‘wah to wow’ in just a few simple sessions. And they work without the need for synthetic bond-multipliers or silicones, which means you get genuine follicle repair instead of a superficial cosmetic cover-up.

We also use quinoa in some of our colour formulations to help keep hair in optimum condition throughout the colouring process and provide longer-lasting results.

So don’t just eat it, smother your locks with it. We’re besotted with quinoa. Your hair will be too.