Inclusive DIY hair dye, Oiamiga, hits the market

Oiamiga Raspberry Permanent Hair Dye

What a busy few months it’s been here at Herb UK HQ! In case you missed it, we’ve recently launched the website for our exciting new home dye brand, Oiamiga.

Oiamiga was created to disrupt the current hair colour market. It's the first fully inclusive, gender-full (not gender-free) hair dye. No matter who you are, how you identify, or how you do life, this hair dye was made with you in mind. 

And of course, the new brand aligns with Herb UK's ethos. It's vegan, cruelty-free and is packaged in 100% recycled waste materials. Plus it showcases our amazing new Rapid Activator. Meaning the colour can process in as little as 20 minutes. What’s not to love?

You'll find 15 natural and fashion shades. Use it on your head, beard, moustache or even your bushy bits if you fancy it. Checkout one of our most popular shades, Raspberry

We’ve been brewing up the Oiamiga range for quite a while now and we’re so proud of it, as well as the new website. Be sure to check out!

(Oh, and because we know you’re wondering: it’s pronounced oi-uh-mee-guh.)

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