Good People, Good Stuff

When I began formulating hair colours over 30 years ago, I never thought the mixtures my friends and I were making (on a camping stove in my garage I might add) would become a worldwide success. 

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For many years Herb UK sat on the fringe of the hair cosmetics industry. We were considered a bit odd for wanting to produce quality products using organic and natural ingredients.  The concept of ethical supply chains was the subject of ‘hippies’ and the mention of toxic load, cruelty-free and environmental impact was more often not met with dismissive glazed eyes.  

We never gave up. And the world caught on.  

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I’m deeply proud of the role Herb UK has played in bringing natural hair colour and care to the mainstream market.  

And I’m over the moon that more recently we’ve been able to join forces with my dad’s medicinal herbal products and supplement business; a synergistic move that allows Herb UK to give health to hair and health to the body.  

We welcome new partnerships with good people who want to work with us to continue to grow our vision of people and planet before profit.  

Raoul Perfitt 
Co-founder and Managing Director