Meet our Employee of the Year

We’re kicking off the new year celebrating something that makes our workplace brighter - employee acknowledgment – and invite you to join us in giving a massive round of applause to our Employee of the Year for 2023.


This year, the trophy went to the very deserving Kim Dennett; Herb’s EA to the Directors and Commercial Manager. Kim's been a vital member of the team for nearly a decade and has even been lovingly nicknamed ‘The Glue’ by her co-workers; acknowledging her unique ability to bring every department together.

From tackling big projects to being the go-to problem-solver, Kim's progression at Herb UK has been like a roadmap to excellence. She started out as our wonderful receptionist, the friendly face of our company, and today she sits in her current role supporting our directors and handling big accounts all around the world. Kim is living proof that consistency and dedication are the secret sauce in the recipe for success.

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Deserved Recognition

At Herb UK, we believe that personalised recognition is where it's at. Forget the generic stuff; we're talking about acknowledging the special touches each individual brings to the table. This approach creates an atmosphere where saying thanks becomes a daily thing, and it's not just about the big wins; it's about appreciating the small, everyday stuff that keeps the business moving.

Kim's win is not just a solo act; it's a celebration of the whole team's success. And you know what's cool? Kim's success is like a motivational spark that lights up the whole team, inspiring everyone to bring their A-game. Cheers to that! 🎉