Made in the UK - Quality from root to tips

The United Kingdom has a reputation, centuries deep, for quality and innovation; and we’re bursting with pride for the role we play in maintaining and evolving this prestigious manufacturing culture.  

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Not just one, but all of Herb UK’s natural hair products are made in the UK. This means every bottle of Organic Colour Systems or Tints of Nature you use is made with the utmost care, following the strictest manufacturing standards in the world by people who are happy and well looked after.  

Combine that with innovative formulations using high-quality certified organic and natural ingredients and it’s nothing short of hair magic in a bottle.  

And speaking of our bottles, even these are made in the UK. Suffolk to be precise. From post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic; an innovation that helps to reduce virgin plastic consumption, encourages a circular economy that keeps items away from landfill and the environment, lessens harmful greenhouse gas emissions and stops the need for further depletion of fossil fuels.  


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By making our products ourselves and using fellow UK manufacturers and suppliers wherever possible, we also enjoy greater control of stock availability and consistency. Plus, we keep our carbon footprint down throughout the manufacturing process.  

But we haven’t even mentioned the best bit. Our exact location.  

Herb UK lives in the heart of England’s New Forest National Park, which provides a constant reminder of our natural environment and our responsibility to protect and preserve it at all times.  

“The New Forest perfectly encapsulates the feeling and principals that have made Herb UK products so popular over the last 30 years,” says Co-founder and Managing Director Raoul Perfitt. “We look forward to expanding and improving our manufacturing facilities and offering even more high-quality natural products to our customers, at home and around the world, for years to come.”