Welcome to the Fam Bam!

Herb UK is excited to welcome a new sibling for its Tints of Nature and Organic Colour Systems brands.  

This October, Herb UK completed the purchase of Bio-Health to bring another pioneering natural health brand into the fold.  

Biohealth Image

Bio-Health has been the vanguard of medicinal herbal products and supplements since its establishment in 1981. Its products provide safe and effective treatments for a range of conditions that blight modern life and have helped millions of people towards a happier, healthier existence.  

“We now give health to the hair and health to the body,” says Herb UK Managing Director Raoul Perfitt. “It’s the ultimate holistic group.” 

Raoul says Herb UK’s expertise in exporting, marketing and distribution provides Bio-Health with some much-needed support for growth. The security of a larger group and its expertise means Herb’s newcomers can focus on what they do best; manufacturing and bottling high-quality herbal medicines and supplements.  

The Bio-Health team will be led by Raoul’s brother, Jason Perfitt, who has been the company’s Managing Director for the past two years.  




Biohealth Logo

And while the brothers look forward to working more closely together, it’s time to bid a farewell of sorts to their father – and previous owner of Bio-Health – Victor Perfitt, who has officially retired.  

“After dedicating 50 years of his life to herbal medicine in the UK and Europe, Dad’s finally made the decision to slow down,” Jason says.  

But Victor will keep one crucial foot in the door, continuing as a consultant for the next few years to ensure as much of his wisdom and expertise as possible is passed through to the next generation fo herbal medicine.  

Welcome to the Herb family Bio-Health! We can’t wait to explore the road ahead with you.