Breaking Tradition: Embracing Change with Co-Managing Directors

Herb UK has proudly appointed not one, but two incredibly talented women as its Co-Managing Directors; a unique approach that reflects its commitment to innovation and fostering a leadership structure that encourages collaboration and diversity of thought. Please join us in welcoming Katharine Crew and Vicki Borley as Herb UK’s new Co-Managing Directors.

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These two women aren't just breaking the glass ceiling; they’re shattering it. Katharine and Vicki, who have seven children and more than 30 years Herb experience between them, began Herb life in 2008 and 2009 respectively; Katharine at HQ as a receptionist and Vicki as the Education Manager for our New Zealand distributor.

Katharine’s pathway has seen her work in many roles throughout the company resulting in an enviable depth of knowledge of the inner workings of everything Herb UK. Along the way her natural talent for people management became apparent and she’s been in senior leadership roles for the last decade.

Vicki’s unique skillset - hair and make-up artistry, small business management and a communications degree - saw her quickly progress from her education role to successfully run Herb's Australasian markets. In 2022 she made the huge decision to uproot and move her family to the UK where she joined Katharine at HQ. And the rest is history.

“We bonded instantly,” the pair say. “We always laugh that separately we’re pretty awesome, but together we make a perfect whole.”

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The Value of Women in Leadership

The appointment of Katharine and Vicki is not just a celebration for Herb UK; it's a testament to the importance of supporting women in leadership roles. Studies consistently show that diverse leadership teams drive innovation, enhance decision-making, and contribute to overall business success.

By breaking with tradition and embracing change, Herb UK is not only recognising the incredible talent of Katharine and Vicki but also sending a powerful message about the value of gender diversity in leadership. The company is committed to fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive and contribute their unique skills to its shared success.

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The Directors Team

Joining Katharine and Vicki on the director’s team is James Archer who has been appointed Herb UK’s Operations Director. James has been leading the Operations Team for a few years now, and is committed to continuing its improvement - ensuring a sleek, well-oiled operations machine – in his new role. But, as talented and determined as they are, Katharine, Vicki and James know they can’t do it alone.

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Next-Gen Senior Team

To help them steer the ship they’ve appointed a stellar senior team – Andrew Makin as Quality and Compliance Manager, Owen Davies as Supply Chain Manager and Kim Dennett as EA to the Directors and Commercial Manager.

With proven track records in their prospective fields, this senior team embody the leadership and personal qualities that define Herb UK and will - with Katharine, Vicki and James at the helm - propel Herb UK to new heights. Bring it on!